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Yamaha Outboard Serial Number 32

Updated: Jan 25

Yamaha Outboard Serial Number 32 - DOWNLOAD

ad3dc120ad Please can anyone tell me which year is my Yamaha 9.9D 2-stroke outboard? Serial number plate is laid out in two lines: 1st line: Yamaha 9.9D 2nd line: 682C L 392762 I think it's 10 years. For Technology Professionals. For Technology Professionals.. There is no user information contained in the Yamaha outboard serial number other than identification of the particular engine to which it is. A little help for a raggie please! Does anybody know how to find the age of a Yamaha outboard (15 HP) from the serial number. Nothing obvious on the engine but it does have a serial number. Yamaha Outboards provides industry-leading innovation, outstanding performance, incredible power, unequalled customer satisfaction and legendary reliability. LIT-18626-05-32 U.S.A.Edition March . operation or maintenance of your outboard motor, please consult a Yamaha dealer. . Outboard motor serial number .. HiWhere can I find the year and model number on my 60HP Yamaha outboard moter.I have the following numbers.


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